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He played the role of Bob Barrenger in 2000s “State and Main”, where he was also the executive producer.

He gained several awards and recognition for his performances as Sheldon “Shelly” Kaplow in 2003s “The Cooler”.

(1997) Radio commercial: Northwest Airlines., (1995) TV commercials: Chevrolet cars/trucks (voice)., (1998) TV commercial (voice): Iridium - worldwide phone service., TV commercial (voice): AIG Auto Insurance., (2003) TV commercial (voice): Disney World., TV commercial (voice): General Electric, (2004) TV commercial: Suburu Motors (voice only)., (2004) TV commercial (voice): MTV., TV commercial (voice): Sony, TV commercial (oice-overs): Blockbuster, (2008) TV commercial:, (2011-2013) Large series (literally dozens) of TV commercials for "Capital One Venture" credit card as a caricature of himself in various guises, including as: a restaurant waiter, an airline pilot, a man riding on a luggage conveyor belt, a school teacher, a college professor, a secret agent, an actor, a police officer, a friend of historic Viking Barbarians, and many others.

Jackson / Slow Dancer / Student / Tate Witherspoon / Thelma Weston / Townsperson / Tracy Jordan / Walt Dupree / William 'Refrigerator' Perry / Woodrow You get somebody to crack a smile, that's a beautiful thing.

So I think all comedians are earning their wings into heaven. In heaven, I'm going to sit on the couch with Oprah.

Various / Brian Fellow / Himself / Astronaut Jones / Al Sharpton / Dominican Lou / Himself - Host / Mike Tyson / Star Jones / Athlete / Bartender / Beyoncé's Twin #2 / Biff Henderson / Bishop Don 'Mack' Donald / Bunny / Captain Montclaire Vanderhausen III / Charles Lepani / Claudine Parker / Corn Chip Nail Tips Wearer / Cyril / Della Reese / Eleanor Johnson / Eric Dickerson / Fat Albert / Grand Master Freddy / Herself / Islander / Jamal Wilkes Booth / Jermaine Allensworth / La Wanda Page / Laser Point Guy / Linus winslow / Lou Bega / Lucious Claymont / Mace Windu / Maxine Waters / Maya Angelou / Michael Brooks / Missy Elliott / Montel / Mr.

T / Paramedic / Passenger / Royale Watkins / Samuel L.

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