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He described a wolf-like dog as one of the only domestic creatures found in the Nyan-Nyam tribe.The dog, he wrote, had short, sleek hair, a short curly tail, and large ears that were always erect.The basenji has a slight build, and with its high legs appearing longer than its torso.It’s build makes for a swift gait with a double-suspension gallop. Its ears are located on the top of its head, which is helpful in hunting.Overall, Basenjis carry themselves with gracefulness and readiness.Basenjis may have an illustrious hunting pedigree, but they can get very comfortable at home.The first true mention of the dog, however, was in 1868 when Dr.

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Efforts to bring the breed from the Congo to Europe and beyond began in the 1880s, but weren’t successful until the mid-1930s.The dogs in the paintings appear to be of the Basenji breed.The dogs can be found depicted in pyramids next to Pharaohs and on noble peoples’ game tables.A standard was developed and today the American Kennel Club (AKC) allows for a height range from 16 inches to 17 inches at the withers and a weight of 22 to 24 pounds.Accepted colour varieties include red, black, tricolour, and brindle.

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