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I do not want to repeat the information that can be found there, but I felt since I do my own thing here with sound clips that a general guide to those effects is necessary, but I highly recommend you check out Gilmourish for a comprehensive guide to all of David Gilmour's gear and an album by album gear guide.Below is a guide to the basic effects gear needed to create a typical David Gilmour lead tones as heard on Pink Floyd studio and live recordings.

Alexander David Turner (born 6 January 1986, Sheffield, England) is an English musician and member of Arctic Monkeys and The Last Shadow Puppets.Someone gave me this one for repair, experiencing some issues with the built-in jack and the switch.Here it is: It is quite in good shape for a 50 years old guitar pedal! There is a serial number as well, but I do not really know how they work.This fuzz is not that big for a vintage fuzz, especially compared to the 1973 Supa Tonebender that I had on my bench before.At the front of the pedal, there are two controls: Volume and Attack (translate by "Fuzz").

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