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Women could meet their female friends in dull, obscure restaurants, but they couldn’t hunt in “Sex and the City”-style packs.So what was a single girl to do when the best tables were behind closed doors?I filled out all the necessary fields and attached a nice (shirtless, of course) picture of myself. Furthermore, the number of Generous female users makes up a tiny fraction of the site's profiles.I quickly realized this was definitely a system tailored toward attractive females. So, I swallowed my pride and switched my account to Generous. I don't consider myself cheap by any means, but I also didn’t feel like spending 0 just to get someone to agree on a first date. The first offer I got was from a nice lady named Brooke who wanted 0 for our first date.All dating apps and websites have their intricacies and quirks, but they boil down to a singular concept: liking or not liking someone based on a short bio and handful of pictures. Then there’s Whats Your Price, a date-auction website that I just had to try out for myself.It's pretty much as close to judging a book by its cover as you can get. I asked Whats Your Price's spokesperson, Ethan, how this whole thing differs from an escort service.But, in the end, we're talking about strippers, right? Though bachelorette parties are the second most popular booking, the most requested service is a one-on-one date with a rented gent.Is this a depressing commentary on the state of dating among "confident and successful women?

“I think women who spend money to hire a date in an attempt to impress others will ultimately end up feeling empty, not to mention sexually frustrated,” she says.(Is there a gent who can swing by in a three-piece suit and help us unpack the sociological details of a post-feminist escort service?)Rent-A-Gent's philosophy is founded on the idea that women want charm and talent in a really, really, ridiculously good-looking package.Introducing Rent-A-Gent, a new service for women that provides guys on demand.Looking for a fella to teach you guitar, cook you a meal, put together Ikea furniture, or just "serve as fabulous arm candy at an event? Founded by CEO Sara Shikhman, Rent-A-Gent was conceived after Shikhman attended a very disappointing bachelorette party.

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